Without Push, no Pull!

Performance Media

: heightens
demand and increases sales!

Those who ONLY bid on pull instruments such as search marketing, product search, etc. are only reacting to the existing demand and are reducing their sales potential. Online display advertising stimulates demand in the search field and increases the direct type-in traffic (direct visits to the shops). Due to high availability and sustainable growth in display media potential, it is a suitable and scalable tool for online sales promotion.

  • Direct sales promotion and branding campaigns in all available formats
  • Media planning across all relevant portals, marketing and accounting environments
  • Premium terms and conditions through bundling high booking volumes
  • Flexible billing options - optional TKP and CPC or choice CPO models
  • Settlement with the latest ad server technology
  • Performance Media
Hendrik Seifert
Managing Director
Hendrik Seifert
Kothenbachweg 6
36041 Fulda - Germany

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